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   Aug 02, 2019

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The Examiner’s findings about WonderWork’s low program spending and high fundraising costs are consistent with the "F" ratings that CharityWatch has assigned WonderWork in our several years of reporting on the organization. The Overview of Misrepresentations contained in the Examiner’s Final Report states:

The Examiner’s review revealed that [WonderWork’s] fundraising materials are replete with misleading statements…[WonderWork] is not the highly-efficient charity, that is run like a business with virtually no overhead as its solicitation materials claim it to be. Nor is it the transformative charity that is directly saving lives through its surgical programs that donors are led to believe. In reality, [WonderWork] is simply an inefficient fundraising operation, often for other charities and NGOs, with millions of dollars spent on fundraising and only a small percentage of funds going to actually help people in need.

Among the misrepresentations cited were WonderWork’s claims to donors that “donations would be matched – resulting in double or triple the number of surgeries – when in fact the ‘matching funds’ were not used for surgeries but used instead to pay other expenses,” and claims that WonderWork “incurs virtually no overhead when in fact, donations were used for overhead expenses.” In the words of the Examiner, some of WonderWork’s fundraising practices “appear outright fraudulent.”





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